Short Term Property Management

22. February 2017 Uncategorized 0

Short term property management

Short term property management is an alternative option to the typical long-term rental business model for property owners. There are different issues and challenges to the long term model. Short term has often more unstable but may offer the prospect of higher returns, although the risk is usually quite high and is not for the faint-hearted. At the same time, those that know what they are doing often acquire somewhat higher returns, while avoiding the potential hassle of a long-term client gone wrong. However, the traditional model has often entailed lots of labour and time costs.
Short term property management often entails hiring a local company who are focused on acquiring clients in the local marketplace using traditional high-street techniques. The returns are erratic and the property owner only makes a return when the unit to let achieves rental. This is short term and the process starts all over again. It is such an unpredictable model that most property owners, understandably, avoid it completely.

With the inception and growth of Airbnb there is also a major new opportunity that is available for the taking for those that wish to consider this new business model that is sweeping the world. Airbnb has opened up massive potential to the property owner who wishes to understand the opportunities available to those that can consider short term rental. Instead of the traditional methods that achieved erratic returns outlined above, the short term property letting arena becomes a ground for achieving higher Return on investments through the Airbnb channel.

BmyGuest offers the full solution of marrying the the gains of short term property management in the correct marketplace, while offsetting the costs of labour, time, and financial loss due to lack of experience and expertise. We take your property portfolio to the worldwide marketplace, while achieving higher income through it’s extensive knowledge of the market opportunity and following through with full short term property management solutions that guarantee you higher returns of 20% over typical returns. Talk to us today for a full overview of our services.