Full Airbnb Management Service

22. February 2017 Uncategorized 0

Full airbnb management service

BmyGuest offers full property management solutions through the platform of Airbnb. Whether you have been searching for a property management solution on it’s own or you have been considering listing your property on Airbnb, BmyGuest offers the optimum solution to manage your property for the maximum returns.

Using our unique knowledge of personal experience, business data, and customer experience protocols, we enable our clients to bring in the highest return on investment with the utmost ease. We offer a full management of your property at no cost. In return we bring you the maximum available yield through the Airbnb marketplace.

Airbnb offers a unique opportunity in acquiring higher returns for accommodation demand through a short term lettings business model. However, entering this market without understanding the business principles of property letting, a newcomer is bound to struggle to acquire the potential ROI that is available.

BmyGuest offers the full solution where the landlord hands the property over as a portfolio to manage by us, and we provide the client with a typical return of over 20% greater than if rented at typical market rents existing today.

In addition you have no property management duties as we undertake all sales, Airbnb marketing, property maintenance and customer liaison necessities. Our service includes:

Full property management
Cleaning services
Very responsive to issues and resolving them immediately.
Super Fast Responses to clients
Screening Preferences
Inquiry Approvals

Therefore you have no time or labour issues to undertake. You essentially reap the financial rewards while we do all the essential elements of managing the property and marketing it through Airbnb.

To understand the process more, or to discuss the returns that are available to you as a property owner, please contact us below and we will give you a full comprehensive overview of how to maximise returns for your property portfolio.